China’s submersible to reach 7 km underwater in 2012


China’s manned submersible Jiaolong will conduct a test 7 kilometers beneath the sea level in 2012, according to the National Marine Conference of China held on Dec. 26 in Beijing.

China will continue to develop marine science and technology. In 2012, China will implement the 29th Antarctic scientific expedition and the 5th scientific expedition with the purpose of improving polar andocean scientific investigation capacity.

China will carry out resource survey and environmental evaluation, enhancing the survey and environment assessment in multi metal sulfide exploration contract area polymetallic nodules contract area.

It will make every effort to develop deep ocean technical equipment and accelerate the construction of ocean survey vessels and mother ships of China’s manned submersible.

China will also promote the development of 6-kilometer and 4.5-kilometer undersea unmanned autonomous robots.

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