Chet Morrison to help transform Mexican port into deepwater oil terminal



by Rodrigo Soberanes

Foreign investors will put in 750 million pesos in early 2010 in the construction of the deepwater Port of Tuxpan, the transformation of the fishing port of Alvarado into an oil terminal, and the construction of a marina in the city of Veracruz.

The director general of Veracruz Port System Sergio Iglesias Rodriguez announced that the multinational Chet Morrison Contractors will get about 100 million pesos for the transformation of the port of Alvarado.

The official did not explain what will be done with the fishing port of Allen, but confirmed that it aims to change the purpose of the port to become an oil terminal.

Chet Morrison is currently planning to change the fixed bridge into a swing bridge to allow passage of larger vessels.

In the case of Tuxpan, is planned investment of 500 million pesos in 2010 should generate up to 2,500 jobs, the state official said.

The total investment of the project will be over 10 billion pesos.

The third project Sergio Iglesias cited is the tourist marina to be built in the city of Veracruz, with an investment of 150 million pesos, contributed by private investors.

The project includes a marina in Veracruz, consisting of 180 docks for sailboats, tourism and sports.  It will also include a gas station, launched ramp, and other marina-based services.  The marina contract will begin in December and should take about one year.


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