Brand new name for quality diving professionals


FORMERLY known as Fremantle Diving Centre, Fremantle Commercial Diving is no stranger to the commercial diving business. For more than 30 years Fremantle Commercial Diving has specialised in six key areas of commercial diving: construction, inspection, maintenance, mining, potable diving and shipping.

Jointly managed by founder Peter Henry and Antony Old, the company has recently been involved with a number of large-scale projects including major remedial works on a subsea pipeline in Perth. Mr Old said the company was constantly handling complex projects for larger companies such as BHP.

“In addition to [the pipeline work] we are also running major projects for mining clients in the north of [WA], on an ongoing basis. We also service the water boards for several state-wide and interstate organisations,” he said.

Fremantle Commercial Diving is focussed on its quality of work and is currently undertaking ISO accreditation.
“We have a different business model to most other companies that involves maintaining permanent full-time staff, which allows us to consistently deliver work of outstanding quality. The most important part of what we do is making sure that absolutely every job is 100 per cent,” Mr Old said.

A top quality range of equipment backs up every job that Fremantle Commercial Diving undertakes.
“We have five complete enriched gas-capable spreads, each kitted with subsea systems, gas generation, HD video systems [and] everything that’s required for a high-end spread,” Mr Old said.

The company recently developed a fast response dive spread, mounted in a small aircraft.
“We send a dive team with [the fast response dive spread] to be able to access remote areas. No one else in Australia has this capability, and it took a lot of development,” Mr Old said.

Fremantle Commercial Diving services the mining and oil and gas sectors across several disciplines of diving including construction, specialist non-destructive testing services, potable diving and process water maintenance.







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