Biz Wave: MagnumUSA


Years ago, you were racing cars. How did this transition into a passion for the cutting and welding industry?

Racing cars led to industrial engineering assignments with emphasis on facilitating novel welding methods leading to productivity improvements.

With ExoBlade trademarked technology, you can make specialized cutting for varied widths, saving on excess inventory. How long did it take to develop this ExoBlade?

ExoBlade cutting tubes resulted from twenty years experience manufacturing exothermic cutting assets.

Because of the high pressure oxygen used with your burning bars, it creates quite a firework show. How do you measure these for efficiency and accuracy in their cutting power?

The oval shape of ExoBlades eliminates restrictive crimps common in the industry, resulting in smooth performance at much lower oxygen pressures. The shape is like tuning headers on a race car.

For underwater, your Top Valve Marine Cutting Torch Kit offers a full package with wet welding electrodes. How does package measure up to others on the market – what advantages does it offer considering pricing and quality products?

Our Top Valve Marine Cutting Torch provides elevated safety over traditional bottom valve cutting torches like Broco and Oxylance because the valve is over the diver’s hand, not under the diver’s hand. Additionally, the short snub nose after the valve traps far less oxygen, discouraging flashbacks.

What are some of your most popular products?

Our most popular product is our MAG9000 backpack cutting system and our MAG9003 Amphibian cutting system with remote control ignition, the first in the industry.

How long do your wet welding electrodes take to manufacture (from start to the finish of the process)?

Our wet welding electrodes are unique to the dive industry because Magnum does not use chemicals mixed with paint to create a protective coating. Rather, we hand wrap each electrode on a lathe in polyvinyl adhesive and dip the tips and tails in wax for unlimited shelf life. Because no chemicals or solvents are used, the electrodes burn consistent with AWS specifications. Other manufacturers use solvents to apply paint to electrodes. As such, post weld cracking becomes evident over time.

You had a feature in WIRED Magazine according to your site. What products or aspects of MAGNUMUSA did the feature focus on?

Wired Magazine highlighted our MAG9000 backpack cutting system in their issue.

Do you have any testimonials from your customers that have been particularly rewarding?

Comments range from fast, powerful, versatile and safe, to lightweight, portable, reliable and efficient. We do not solicit testimonials; most of our efforts are geared towards innovation with particular emphasis on ergonomic simplicity.

Our customers range from Navy Seals, SWAT and emergency rescue, to repair and maintenance personnel, dive salvage operators and dive contractors. Unlike our competitors, we have never experienced a safety issue.

Are the industries that use your products generally in one location, or spread out all over the world?

With over twenty years experience successfully manufacturing and marketing our sea and land cutting assets, our customers range from end users and commercial dive contractors, to governments and militaries around the globe.


– Eric Lawrence Peterson Ph.D.; CEO of MagnumUSA

Specializing in burning and welding products, MagnumUSA has produced high quality products for its land and sea customers for over two decades.






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