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    So you’re diving off the north slope in Alaska, enjoying your hot water and the thought that there aren’t any sharks that far north.  Then you look up and see this:

    polar bear diving

    We gave the caption on this image our best shot, but what would you have written? The diver with the best, most creative and/or funniest answer will become the first Featured Blogger for!

    Tell us in our forum: Polar Bear Caption

    What does being a blogger mean for you?

    • Visibility in the commercial diving community (Not quite as cool as Mark Longstreath, but you get the point)
    • Freedom to write about whatever you want, as long as it somehow relates to diving or the life of a diver
    • No commitments – While we do ask that you write a post about once a week, we won’t hold your feet to the fire.  Though we will kick you out if you completely abandon it.

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