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Hey Divers,

I’m sure most of you have seen our new Introduction Video by now.  If you haven’t, it’s totally worth the 3 minutes it takes to watch it.

Since we put this up, we’ve had a ton of Commercial Divers give us feedback on our antics as well as what they think about  So far everything we hear from the divers is nothing short of awesome.  Some comments are funny, some are serious, some are asking abot the industry and some are a simple “F*c& yeah!”  We love it!

But earlier today, via Facebook, we received one piece of feedback that I wanted to share with everyone.  I think this really describes what we’re trying to do and we feed off of it!  We’re here to help you divers out, so if there’s anything we can add or anything we can do better, please let us know.

Hi Nathan! Thanx for adding me to your website. I think you guys are really helping us divers alot! I love the intro-movie… You looked like jackashes!…hahahahaha Have posted my cv onto the site and like all the rest of the ”crew” is hoping you could help me. I have changed my cv just recently, to make it ”offshore ready”. (have already had positive feedback)

I have been a little negative lately, because it is so quite, but when i whatch videos and foto’s of commercial diving on, it gives me new hope!

We all need money to survive, but diving is my passion and i will do anything in my abillity to get a job…
Keep up the great work and send my regards to Adam! ( he looks like a real looney and reminds me of myself.)

Chat to you soon!
Cheers mate.
Mr. Theron
South Africa

After reading feedback like this, we can’t help but be excited about what we’ve built here at  Two thoughts quickly come to mind:
1) Yes, I am a real looney.  Life’s more fun that way!
2) Mr. Theron – If you have any relation to Charlize Theron, tell her we need a model for and I need a date!

Thanks everyone for being a part of  We’re excited to see where this goes!  Especially if Mr. Theron knows Charlize…

Adam & Nathan
Charlize Theron

charlize theron

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