Aquatera Strengthens Presence in Japan


Orkney-based energy and environmental consultancy Aquatera has become a member of the non-profit Nagasaki Marine Industry Cluster Promotion Association (NaMICPA) and also entered into a partnership with Japanese dive operator and offshore operations company, Shibuya Diving.

NaMICPA helps support the development of marine renewables in Japan and stimulate further international collaboration.

Aquatera has become a supporting member of NaMICPA, with the company’s portfolio of skills recently introduced to NaMICPA member companies involved in the development of a marine energy test site similar to Orkney’s European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC).

Mr Sakai (Chairman of NaMICPA), said: “With a focus on marine renewables, the association has been set up to promote marine industry in Nagasaki, supporting businesses within the prefecture via a network of industry, academia and government, as well as international stakeholders.

“Aquatera has a strong connection with Nagasaki, established through several reciprocal visits over recent years, so we are delighted that they have become a cluster member. Based in the Orkney Islands and having worked on many marine renewables projects there and internationally, Aquatera has valuable and wide ranging expertise. We look forward to working actively with Aquatera to successfully progress the development of marine renewables here in Nagasaki.”

The official new partnership with Shibuya Diving should provide the foundation for future collaborations on marine energy projects in Japan and South Asia.

“With our involvement in Japan’s emerging marine energy industry now increasing and our South Asia portfolio of environmental and energy related projects growing rapidly, it made sense for us to formalise our partnership with Shibuya Diving to ensure both firms are well placed to benefit from the opportunities out there,” said Ian Johnstone, Aquatera’s Head of Onshore Technology and Community.



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