Anholt Cable Transfers Power Again

307 has completed the replacement of two sections of the submarine cable that connects the Anholt offshore wind farm to the grid.

According to the company, “repair has gone faster than expected,” and the cable began transferring power from the wind farm into the onshore grid on Saturday. with the supplier, NKT Cables, analyzed the error on the cable, that occurred in February, and decided to replace the first 400 meters of the submarine cable from Grenå and the last 4 km before the substation.

Studies subsequently showed that the same type of error could occur in these two places.

It has taken 24 days to replace the two cable sections. Strong winds and high waves impacted the operation, the company said.

During the repair work, the island of Anholt was powered from its own diesel generators. said that it is still too early to determine the costs related to the cable repair.








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