Allseas to Rename Pieter Schelte


Dutch-Swiss offshore company Allseas has reportedly decided to change the name of the largest ship in the world Pieter Schelte.

Despite years of criticism, Edward Heerema has until now refused to change the name of the 382 meter long and 124 meter wide Pieter Schelte, whose construction started in 2007 and cost €2.4 billion.

A strong wave of public protests started when vessel arrived at the port of Rotterdam for its final assembly in the Alexiahaven. Even stronger public outcry began after Shell announced award of the Brent Delta platform decommissioning contract to the Allseas’ giant.

Namely, the vessel was named after the Allseas owner Edward Heerema’s father who served as a Waffen SS officer and was imprisoned after the second world war and sentenced to three years in prison, of which he served less than half.

Earlier this week, Swiss-based Allseas Group informed that it doesn’t have an intention to change the name of the vessel after the company’s owner Edward Heerema explained the reasons for naming the vessel by his father.

However, after fierce criticism, the company has agreed to rename the vessel.

“As a result of the widespread reactions which have emerged over the last few days, Edward Heerema, president of the Allseas Group, has announced that the name of the vessel Pieter Schelte will be changed,” Allseas said in a statement. “It has never been an intention to offend anyone.”

The company said that a new name for the ship will be announced within a few days.





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