ABS Group supporting the need for debate and discussion on Offshore Modular Drilling Assets


As the offshore industry expands into deeper water, modular techniques are developing rapidly.  With this development comes the need to ensure the safety and reliability of these assets, and ABS Group is at the forefront of providing valuable insight and services to this market.

As a long standing leader in the industry, ABS Group identified the upcoming Offshore Modular Construction Conference as an excellent event to bring key industry players together to discuss and debate the issues facing the market.

“ABS Group is actively involved in providing risk, engineering and verification services to owner/operators of modular drilling assets globally,” said Thomas M. Nolan, Vice President at ABS Group. “We recognize a need for standardization of these construction practices to assure a high-performing, reliable asset that provides a safe environment for the crews and their surroundings.  We believe the Offshore Modular Construction conference will identify areas where the industry can focus moving forward”

ABS is the premier sponsor of IQPC’s Offshore Modular Construction Summit in Houston August 25 – 27. Terrence Hickey, Director, Business Development – ABS Group, Marine Sector, will chair the Summit, with Cris DeWitt, Technology Director – ABS Group, hosting a presentation on Software Quality Engineering, Verification and Validation Techniques.

Key industry attendees, including project managers, engineers, construction managers, estimators, transportation & logistics providers, and fabricators, will discuss a range of topics that focuses on the most efficient and cost effective strategies for executing offshore projects.


ABS Group provides a range of technical solutions to support safe, reliable and high-performance assets and operations. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, ABS Group operates in 35 countries with over 2,400 employees worldwide. ABS Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of ABS, a leading marine and offshore classification society, and has one of the most experienced teams of maritime consultants in the world. By combining a detailed understanding of marine technical operations with ocean engineering and naval architecture, we help clients achieve quality performance within reasonable schedule and cost parameters. We leverage technology and years of experience to help clients maximize return on investment.

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