About commercial diving


A commercial diver is a professional or tradesman who works underwater. Commercial divers can be rescuers, photographers, building and construction workers, they inspect and maintain aquaculture facilities, inspect ships and bridges and install and maintain offshore facilities in the North Sea. The jobs a commercial diver might carry out vary tremendously, and the diving itself is often best thought of as transport to and from the place where the job is to be done.

The commercial diver:
A commercial diver must like challenges, be precise and be able to work independently. There is also a need to be flexible and adaptable and to be able to work and communicate well with others. A commercial diver needs to be able to be in confined places with poor vision. The work suits men and women equally well.

Here are some of the trades and professions that can be combined with diving:

  • Carpenter
  • Bricklayer
  • Welder
  • Plumber
  • Electrician
  • Skipper
  • Rescue diver
  • Engineer
  • Photographer
  • Diving instructor

Education and training:
It is an advantage to have education or training in another trade or profession in addition to diving. But that is not a criterion for applying. Very many commercial divers spend much of their working lives above water. The work situation often means working onshore and diving when the situation requires it.

As a commercial diver you must expect a good deal of travel. For divers working in the building and construction industry, the number of days’ travelling a year might reach 250. The figure is lower in the North Sea.

Pay levels for commercial divers vary a great deal depending on the type of job. Average annual pay could be about NOK 300,000 for beginners, while the more experienced can earn around NOK 600,000 a year.

Trainee divers in the North Sea (air) have minimum pay of NOK 402,216 a year, while a professional air diver in the North Sea has minimum annual pay of NOK 633,756.

Source; Oil Service Agreement, Industry & Energy 2012.









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