Many welders nowadays are working in different companies with different jobs to do. They fix things that require strength and skills, which is very important in our community. But, do you know that it is easier for you to gain more money by becoming an underwater welder?

For those people who want to become a welder, take these 5 tips and start training:

  1. Diving Test – This is very essential when you want to be an underwater welder because you are about to do your job under the water. You are required to take a divers test and safety measures for your job requirement. You need to pass the test or else you are not allowed to be an underwater welder.
  2. Welder Certificate – This is the other important thing that you should learn when you want to be an underwater welder because this is the main work that you are going to do. It is also important that you pass this test to get the certificate and become a real underwater welder. If you fail, then try and try again until you reach your goal. It is not a race to win a prize anyway; it is how you build a foundation for your future job. It would be helpful if you ask someone whom you can call as an experience welder to teach you how to do it right before getting the certificate.
  3. Get a Certificate for Underwater Welder Short Course – After you have passed the two trainings namely the welder training and the diving training, and then you are definitely ready for your next step, which is to pass the underwater welder test. When you already know how to dive and how to welding, the only thing that you will need is your guts to get ready for the welder underwater training. Apply the things that you have learned from the certificate that you have achieved, and you can use your techniques to pass the training easily.
  4. On-The-Job Training or Experience – This process will help you get through to become an experienced welder underwater. It will help you gain some skills and have your own techniques of doing your job. This will also be your best gift to your employer because you will look attractive to them when you have the experience, when you have the skills, techniques and other knowledge that you have learn from getting that certificate of underwater welder.
  5. Gain Skills and Apply in Your Job –You can study techniques when you take certification of two different phase the driving certification and the welder certification. This will allow you to have ideas in what to do, and you gain skills right after you get your first on-the-job training. When you gain skills you can apply it in your job, of course right after that you are hired.

When you have these skills and certification, you will surely gain more compensation than regular welders or you can be hired as a diver, a welder or an underwater welder.



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