JFD Boosts Diving Systems Support Service


    JFD, part of James Fisher and Sons, has launched a new Service+ global support capability.

    Service+, according to JFD, is designed to support customers with all aspects of dive system asset works whilst maintaining optimal operational efficiency, providing a cost effective mechanism for maintaining and enhancing the capability and safety of all diving systems.

    The service covers systems and equipment, from rebreathers and scrubbers, diving bells, Environmental Control Units (ECUs) and Hyperbaric Reception Facilities (HRFs), through to complex modular and integrated dive systems.

    Through Service+, JFD offers support with all aspects of maintaining the safe operation of dive systems including equipment servicing and repairs, survey and inspection, calibration, system conditioning, re-commissioning, class certification, training, and full-system life extension programmes.

    Giovanni Corbetta, managing director, JFD, said: “Operating subsea, often in extreme environments, carries significant risk for divers in the commercial and defence markets, and it is critical that systems and equipment are fully functional in order to safeguard their lives. The comprehensive support services we provide to our customers on a global basis are key to ensuring that the capabilities of our extensive range of innovative equipment, systems and services are maintained and the highest standards of safety and quality are upheld.

    “Service+ enables us to build on our existing service offering, consolidating it into a formalised, flexible and comprehensive support capability which delivers a cost effective and responsive solution.”

    The Service+ announcement follows shortly after the launch of JFD’s COBRA, a new bailout rebreather system, which extends the supply of emergency breathing gas. JFD was also recently awarded a multi-million pound contract for the design and manufacture of Self-Propelled Hyperbaric Lifeboats (SPHL) with Flash Tekk Engineering.




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