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There is a lot going on with our new job system and we wanted to create a quick FAQ for some of the more common questions we have been receiving.

What is the purpose of this job board?
The cDiver job board is designed to be the most up to date & complete source of Commercial Diver CV’s/Resumes in the world.  With how specialized the industry is and the specifics that Diving Companies need in a diver, we felt there should be a simple way to search on Commercial Diver Specific information to find the right person for the job.  Ultimately, it’s about helping to connect the right divers with jobs that they are fit for so that more divers can get to work.

Who is it for? 
With how specialized this industry is, we are keeping the job board & resume bank specifically to Commercial Divers, ROV pilots and those directly involved with these services.  We do not have any Rig  Workers currently in our system.


For Commercial Divers  & ROV Pilots

What does this cost me? 
Nothing.  cDiver’s goal is to be an advocate for the divers and we don’t feel it should cost you anything to be able to apply for jobs and have your resume searchable by possible employers.

How does this work? 
First, you create an account and upload your resume.  We then check every resume manually to ensure you have entered the information correctly and to verify it matches what is on your certificates.  Once we do that, your resume is approved for employers to search for you based on what you have filled out.  If they feel you are a good fit, they will contact you directly via cDiver.net.

Do you give out my contact information? 
No.  We only use your first name and last initial.  We also scrub your resume of contact info and blur out contact info on your certificates.  This ensures your privacy and helps you know if employers found you on cDiver.

What is my employer finds me on here? 
Think of this as a “LinkedIn for commercial divers”.  Just because you are on here doesn’t mean you are looking for work.  Our goal is to have cDiver be the most complete database of commercial divers in the world, making it easy for diving contractors to find the right diver for a job and even easier for divers to be contacted about work.

Can I update or delete my information?
Yes, at any time.  You will be given a login & password when you create your account so you are in full control of your information.

What if I can’t figure this out?  Can you help me setup my account & resume?
Yes.  Just email us at [email protected] with your CV/Resume and certs and we’d be happy to set everything up for you.


For Commercial Diving Contractors

What is the advantage of using this? 
The cDiver resume bank allows you to search on specific Commercial Diver criteria.  No more sifting through emails to find the diver who fits your needs.  No more trying to store extremely large scans of diver certificates or sifting through certificate images to find the issue & expiration dates.  No more contacting long lists of divers to see if they are current on the vaccinations you need them to have for your job.

Is the information accurate and current? 
As accurate and current as we can keep it.  We manually check each resume submitted so that the fields you search on are in line with the actual certificates they upload.  We also contact the divers as their certificates are coming up on expiration to get new certs uploaded and update the issue/expiration dates.

How do I contact the diver?
There is a simple “Contact” button with each diver’s resume, just fill out the message to see if they are free and available for work.  If they are, they will reply with additional contact information.

Does cDiver handle the hiring and/or certify the divers? 
No.  We are simply a resource to help you find them, you are on your own if you wish to hire them.  We do not employ any divers and we are not recruiters.  We just want to help you find the right diver for the job.

What does this cost? 
We simply charge a monthly fee for access to the resume bank.  You will have your own login and can search on divers at any time.

Can I post a job without paying the monthly fee? 
Yes, for a smaller fee you may post a job on the job board and you will have access to all the divers who respond to the job board.  Job postings can be for 30, 60 or 90 days and you may remove them at any time.



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