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Over 50 diving companies and 3,500+ commercial divers around the world are using cDiver.net as a way to connect in the industry and match up diving work with the divers best suited to get the job done.  Whether you are a first year diver right out of school or a 10+ year Supervisor who can manage a team, we are making it easy for companies to search our system and pick out the best of the best for their jobs.

Here’s what they’re saying…

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The response I received from the International Dive community was overwhelming. Cdiver.net proved to be an invaluable resource for my staff. I have identified several potential candidates from the pool of applicants and am only disappointed that I can hire only one. I am utterly impressed by the ease of your posting application and applaud you and your team for creating a first rate website. The commercial dive community has lacked sufficient on-line representation for some time and it seems that Cdiver has substantially delivered. Many thanks and keep up the good work. You have my support.”

Water Sciences Dive Manager


Our company signed on with cDiver.net due to a need for commercial divers and supervisors. Most recruiting sites will take your informationand then try to match your copany with anyone signing on to their site. Often this includes scuba divers, diver trainees or persons interested in being a diver. Our company does not have time to sift through the resumes to find “real” divers.  cDiver has thousands of resumes on their site that can be searched at our convenience. The resumes have already been approved before being entered. Our company only has to look at resumes from qualified divers. This is the largest network of divers in the world.

Our company is pleased with the responses and have hired several divers from the cDiver network. We will continue to use this service as our needs arise.

Dive-Tech International, Inc.