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cDiver.net is a Network for Commercial Divers.  We’re dedicated to helping the divers figure out the industry, find jobs, meet other divers, share ideas, tell stories, have fun…we want to be your online “home” for anything you need.

Why we started cDiver.net
It’s always been kinda tough for dive companies to match up with the best diver for the job.  When things are slow, divers have a tough time finding work.  When it’s crazy, companies are taking any diver they can find and every tender right out of school.

We thought there had to be a better way.

Not only is cDiver.net a great way to keep up to date on the industry, but it creates a “hub” for divers and companies to easily connect.  cDiver.net is THE place for divers to find jobs and for companies to find divers.

But then we thought “How boring would it be if all we did was help divers find jobs?”.  So we added a lot more to give you a “divers only” type place to make things more fun.