Worker Dies, 16 Injured in PEMEX Platform Fire


One contract worker has been confirmed dead following the outbreak of a fire overnight on an offshore Bay of Campeche oil platform.

Mexican state energy company Petroleos Mexicanos (PEMEX) evacuated almost 300 workers from the Abkatun Permanente platform after a fire broke out Tuesday night.

PEMEX reported in a statement that a Cotemar worked was killed. Sixteen workers have been confirmed injured; two of them are in serious condition. The workers are being treated at PEMEX’s general hospital in the Ciudad del Carmen.

Eight firefighting boats are tackling the fire, PEMEX reported on Twitter earlier Wednesday. The fire reportedly was caused by an explosion.

The shallow waters of the Bay of Campeche in the Gulf of Mexico – and conventional onshore basins – represented 75 percent of Mexico’s total oil and gas production, according to a report by Platts and Bentek Energy, “Mexico’s New Energy Landscape”. The Bay of Campeche is home to major Mexico oil fields Cantarell and Ku-Maloob Zapp.






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