Wood Group Provides Offshore Personnel for Helix Producer I


    Wood Group has been selected by Helix Energy Solutions to provide commissioning services and offshore personnel for the Helix Producer I, the first ship-shaped floating production unit (FPU) in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico.

    Wood Group subsidiary DSI helped to develop the commissioning plan and commissioned the ship’s systems in Croatia and Greece, where the hull of the train ferry Helix converted to the FPU was retrofitted. The vessel’s 10 topsides production modules are being commissioned in Ingleside, Texas, where they will be installed on the hull.

    Wood Group Production Services is providing more than 20 experienced operators, mechanics, electricians and marine personnel for the Helix Producer I. In the event of weather-related emergencies, the FPU, unlike fixed platforms, will disconnect from the subsea infrastructure and relocate. Crew members will stay on board, instead of evacuating, enabling the vessel to stay on production longer and resume production quickly after reconnecting.

    “FPUs such as the Helix Producer I are increasingly being evaluated for use in the deepwater U.S. Gulf of Mexico,” stated Derek Blackwood, president of Wood Group’s production facilities activities in the Americas. “Wood Group’s extensive track record and demonstrated experience in commissioning, operating and maintaining offshore production facilities worldwide will help to ensure the best possible start up and subsequent operation of this precedent-setting vessel.”



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