Wood Group Kianda launch in Angola and BP contract award


Wednesday, Nov 30, 2011

Wood Group Kianda, a joint venture involving Amílcar Nascimento, Wood Group’s Angolan business partner, and Wood Group will officially be launched in Luanda, Angola today. Sister Wood Group companies, Wood Group Mustang, Wood Group Kenny and Wood Group PSN will provide their services through the joint venture. The launch coincides with the announcement that Wood Group Kianda has secured its first contract win from BP.

Under the contract, Wood Group Kianda will be responsible for maintenance of the topsides facilities on an FPSO which serves some of BP’s fields in offshore Angola. This award to a local company is in line with the country’s objective of both deepening and broadening sustainable Angolan supply capability and capacity.

Wood Group Kianda will provide engineering, design, procurement, construction management, operations, maintenance, and support services to the Angolan market for process facilities, subsea developments, pipelines and risers. The company services ultra-deep, deep and shallow water developments along with onshore facilities.

Ken McLennan, General Manager for Wood Group Kianda said, ‘Wood Group has been working in the Angolan market for over 10 years through various means so it’s great to now launch Wood Group Kianda, a majority owned Angolan company. This reinforces our presence and long-term commitment to Angola. The contract award from BP also further extends Wood Group’s global relationship with BP.’

A ceremony to mark the launch of the new joint venture which will be attended by Sir Ian Wood, Chairman of John Wood Group, will be hosted by Wood Group Kianda and Richard Wildash, the British Ambassador for Angola, at the Embassy in Luanda this evening.



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