What is saturation diving?


To be certified as a saturation diver, you need a class 2 course. The class 2 certificate is used for diving deeper than 50 metres.

  • Saturation diving uses a diving bell. The bell is used for diving deeper than 50 metres.
  • It is a form of diving in which the diver stays at great depth for longer periods and gases other than air are used for breathing.
  • With saturation diving, a helmet and a cable and hose connection to a diving bell near the workplace are always used.

A saturation dive may take up to 2 – 3 weeks to complete. The diver eats and sleeps inside the pressure chamber and decompression does not take place until the job is finished or the diver is to be relieved. Decompression from 150 metres takes 7 days and there are strict requirements for physical and mental health.

NYD works in collaboration with the French national diving school in Marseille, Institut National de Plongée Professionnelle (INPP). INPP trains all categories of divers and dive personnel.

NYD’s collaboration with INPP includes exchanges of instructors and pupils, among other things. In practice, this means that Scandinavian pupils via NYD can take up places on INPP’s special courses. Teaching is done in English. NYD instructors will accompany to follow up on the Scandinavian pupils and ensure the quality of the courses.





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