WFS Technologies and Fugro to Offer Wireless ROV Integration


WFS Technologies (WFS), the global leader in the delivery of underwater wireless  instrumentation and control solutions to the Offshore Oil and Gas and Renewables industries and Fugro Subsea Technologies (Fugro), which designs, builds and delivers the FCV range of ROVs to its Subsea Services Division, announce an agreement to offer subsea wireless capability on all FCV Work Class ROVs from 2015 onwards.

Having successfully worked together in the past to deliver Seatooth® Video deepwater systems to Fugro for the Moho Nord project in Congo, the companies agreed to enter a partnership which will benefit Fugro’s customers, delivering enhanced ROV solutions for subsea projects.

With WFS supplying more than 7,000 communication and control devices to date, subsea wireless has come of age. This agreement means that Fugro ROVs can communicate withall Seatooth® enabled subsea devices, such as WiPS (wireless pressure sensor), Pipelogger (wireless pipeline integrity monitoring platform) and Video (wireless video camera) wherever in the world they are deployed.

The integrated systems support three functions:

– High speed data for video streaming and downloading data from wireless dataloggers,
– Medium speed data for command and control of remote wireless devices,
– Wirelessly wake up remote devices from a very low power state.

Wireless subsea technology is becoming a fundamental part of the oil and gas industry worldwide. Fugro is one of the leaders in the subsea industry, and this partnership aims to advance ROV capabilities by making them ready to support a growing number of wireless applications.

Subsea radio technology has a distinct advantage when operating in adverse water conditions such as in the presence of gas bubbles or high turbidity. Radio signals are unaffected by acoustic noise or bio-fouling, and are free from multi-path problems. As a result Seatooth is often the only technology that can offer reliable data transmission in the real operating environment.

Tim Rhodes, Development Manager, Fugro Subsea Technologies Pte Ltd commented: “This step will mean that all future build FCV ROVs will be wireless enabled from manufacture giving our Operating Companies seamless connectivity when working with devices utilising this technology. It demonstrates Fugro’s commitment to incorporating the very latest and the most advanced technical innovations into our ROVs.”

“Having worked together on a number of projects over the last few years, we are delighted that Fugro has recognised the growth of subsea wireless instrumentation and is investing in Seatooth® technology for its Work Class ROVs. This partnership is an industry-first, integrating wireless technology with ROVs in the factory rather than in the field. It will accelerate the successful completion of subsea projects,” said Ian Crowther, Executive VP for WFS Technologies.



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