WERPO, ACEP Cooperate on Wave Energy Development in Ghana


Blackbird International Corporation has signed a partnership agreement with ACEP, The Africa Center for Energy Policy, with the goal of erecting a sea wave energy power plant to supplement the region’s energy needs.  

WERPO signed a JV agreement with ACEP, The Africa Center for Energy Policy in Ghana. Shmuel Ovadia, director at WERPO and inventor of its sea wave energy technology, stated that “This partnership agreement is a great step towards implementing WERPO’s unique sea wave energy in Ghana, where I believe there’s potential for tens of millions of dollars of revenues from the erection and sale of sea wave power plants.”

WERPO and ACEP will work to form a local JV in Ghana, under which they plan to erect a sea wave energy power station. While ACEP shall work to attain all necessary authorizations and liaise with the state on all matters regarding the future project, WERPO will provide its renewable and profitable sea wave energy technology, the company informed.

WERPO has been in contact with John Peter Amewu, Director of Research and Evidence at ACEP, for quite some time and it is evident that both WERPO and ACEP have the same goal of utilizing Ghana’s untapped resource of sea waves in the best possible manner by introducing WERPO’s system in the region, WERPO wrote.





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