WATCH: Cable Setup on Galway Bay Ocean Observatory


RV Celtic Explorer has laid a subsea cable in Galway Bay in April 2015 marking a milestone in the development of Ireland’s national marine research and development infrastructure.

The four kilometre cable, and a frame to which sensors and monitoring equipment will be attached is part of the development of an ocean observatory in Galway Bay connecting the Galway Bay Ocean Energy Test Site and to the shore at Spiddal, Co. Galway.

The cable will supply power to the site and allow unlimited data transfer from the site for researchers testing innovative marine technology including renewable ocean energy devices.

The Marine Institute and the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) have been working together to promote and develop Ireland’s ocean energy potential and this project, with partners SmartBay Ltd, UCC (MarEI – Marine Renewable Energy Ireland), and Dublin City University, is part of a programme to enhance the Galway Bay Ocean Energy Test Site.

A suite of sensors and environmental monitoring equipment will be installed on the cable end frame this summer, as well a floating ‘sea station’ which will give developers real time data on how their devices are performing in the ocean .

Video: SmartBay







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