WATCH: Building a Typhoon MK2 ROV


A time-lapse video above shows Total Marine Technology (TMT) building its Typhoon MK2 remotely operated vehicle (ROV) in Bibra Lake, Western Australia.

TMT is an Australian-based designer and manufacturer of work class ROVs and intervention tooling for the offshore drilling and production industry.

There are two types of Typhoon MK2 ROVs. The Typhoon MK2, capable of operating at depths of up to 2,000 metres, and Typhoon MK2 150 with operational depth of 3,000msw. Both ROVs are 150HP heavy work class weighing about 5,000 kg.

The Typhoon MK2 150 ROV systems are the newest addition to TMT’s fleet, and represent a part of the company’s most significant jobs of delivering 12 of these units to work on pipe lay support vessels (PLSVs) offshore Brazil.

The PLSVs are operated by Sapura Navegação Marítima (SNM) and will be working for Petrobras. The first two Typhoon MK2 150 ROVs left TMT in late 2013 and were installed onto the PLSV Sapura Diamante at the IHC shipyard in Rotterdam. The last two Typhoons were set up on board the PLSV Sapura Rubi earlier this year. They should begin working with the other five vessels in Brazil by June 2016.

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