Wanapum Dam crack examined by Divers


[dropcap][/dropcap]Wanapum Dam which is located on the Columbia River downstream (south) from Vantage, Washington was found to have a crack in a pillar supporting the its spillway measured as 65-foot long fracture.  The dam has a rated capacity of 1,040 megawatts and annually generates over 4 million megawatt-hours.

Grant County PUD would like to discover its cause and especially when divers have examined and found 2-inch tall crack extending across the pillar.

The dam has the capacity to generate 700 megawatts this time of year.  The damage has caused the level of the reservoir to dropped by 26 feet and has reduced generation to 360 megawatts.

Although the utility was able to stabilized the dam and it continues to generate power, Grant PUD will work to collect information about its location and shape of the crack.





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