VideoRay ROVs Assist in Costa Concordia Salvage


After two and a half years and the most complicated and largest ship salvage operation in history, the Costa Concordia was refloated Monday morning and should soon be on its way to Genoa, Italy for a lengthy scrapping process.

VideoRay Pro 4 Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) played a crucial role in the underwater construction process necessary for the parbuckling, or righting the ship, and the refloating operation.  This operation involved complicated diving operations with over 20,000 dives.  Several VideoRay ROVs observed every minute of diving, directing operations, and surveying and inspecting the wreck, working underwater 24/7.  After 2-1/2 years of near continuous use, the VideoRay ROVs recorded over 45,000 hours of footage during the salvage project.

Experts from Titan Salvage, the marine salvage company in charge of the Costa Concordia project, are certain this was the largest number of ROV hours on one job in the history of salvage.  VideoRay President Scott Bentley, who traveled to Giglio Island to observe and assist, confirms it is the largest use of VideoRays, and maybe of any observation class ROV, in history.

ROV operations were managed by Titan Salvage subcontractor iROV.  Bentley, along with VideoRay expert Steve Van Meter of Van Meter Consulting, have been in Giglio since July 9th and will be there through July 16th to ensure that Titan receives all the support and assistance requested.



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