VIDEO: OSC Åsgard Subsea Compressor Installation Training


During the summer of 2014, Statoil took part in the procedural training in Offshore Simulator Centre AS (OSC) facilities in the new Norwegian Maritime Competence Center (NMK) in Aalesund.

OSC simulated the full Subsea installation with: Vessel, Crane (SHS: Special Handling System), 2x WROV, Obsv. ROV, Instructor Station, and OCS station (Offshore Construction Manager).

This video shows the training in the world’s first integrated Subsea Simulator, made by Offshore Simulator Centre.

The footage in the video shows procedure training for the Åsgard Subsea Compressor installation project.

The new OSC Offshore Simulator consist of a bridge with 360-degree visualization, multiple deck personell-stations, instructor station and a interactive room for observation of the ongoing operations inside the simulator.

35 high quality projectors delivers a seemless picture inside a 13.5m large dome-construction, the same type which is used for the most advanced IMAX theaters in the world. The ship bridge has brigde consoles from Rolls-Royce Marine. The simulator allows crew to train on supply ships, anchor handling under customizable weather/wind/wave/current conditions, along with many potential emergency situations.

Along with the Offshore Simulator, the new centre contains crane simulator, winch simulator and machine room simulator, all which can be linked together to train on operations involving personell from the bridge, deck, crane and machine room. It is also possible to link together simulators from different locations in the world, performing a operation containing mutiple vessels in one united operation.






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