VBMS Wins Rampion Export Cables Setup


VBMS has been awarded a contract by E.ON for the installation of two 16 kilometre-long export cables for the Rampion Offshore Wind Farm.

The 150kV HVAC cables will transport the power ashore from the 400 MW wind farm to the onshore cable in Brooklands Pleasure Park in Worthing, South East England.

VBMS will deploy the DP2 cable-laying vessel Stemat Spirit, which was also used during the Humber Gateway OWF export cable installation for E.ON in 2013.

The scope of this contract includes the lay and simultaneous burial of the cables. VBMS recently added a new plough to the spread, which provides a trenching solution for large diameter cables.

According to the company , the project will be executed in Q3 2016.







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