USA: ORE Offshore Adopts EdgeTech Brand Name


ORE Offshore is adopting the EdgeTech brand name. The two divisions have been operating successfully under one roof for many years and the company is excited to continue building its strong reputation under one common name moving forward.
The talented engineering, manufacturing and services personnel have been working in collaboration for over ten years and the organization is looking forward to this natural progression of events.
What this means for our customers: More great products and services from one well respected organization with one name to remember. The combined organization will still be providing high quality acoustic releases, USBL acoustic tracking systems, side scan sonars, sub-bottom profilers, bathymetric systems and custom made underwater acoustic solutions. At EdgeTech we pride ourselves on understanding the overall needs of the customer and we have a diverse group that has worked in the field of underwater acoustic technology for decades. Migrating to one single, industry-recognized and respected name, EdgeTech, should make it easier for our customers to understand who we are and will provide them the comfort of placing one call to an organization that is knowledgeable and willing to help in the field of underwater acoustics, imagery and related technology.



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