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One of the most exciting and challenging professions is currently underwater welding. Modern technological advances have made underwater welding an extremely important profession. It provides a work environment where important safety regulations must be followed. This type of work does involve a number of serious risks. This is why attending an underwater welding school is so important. A student will learn how to be safe and do what is necessary to have a successful underwater welding career.


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  • Journeyman Welder
Locations: Ridgeland

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  • Welding
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  • Welding Technology
Locations: East Windsor
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  • Welding – Associate Degree
Locations: Sanford
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  • Combination Welding
Locations: Glendale

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  • Associate of Applied Science in Construction Trades – Welding
Locations: Salina

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  • Associate in Science in Welding Engineering Technology
Locations: Warwick

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  • Certificate – Welding
Locations: Vancouver


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  • Combination Welding Technology
  • Combination Welding
Locations: Saint Louis

An Underwater Welding Career

An underwater welder does essential work in a number of different industrial settings. They could do everything from work on offshore oil platforms to repair ships as well as perform underwater pipeline maintenance and more. This work requires an individual to have well-developed skills in both welding and diving. They must also have experience with a number of specialized welding techniques. Learning how to operate the most current specialized equipment will provide a safe underwater working environment. The tasks a person will be asked to perform are divided into two classifications. One is wet welding. This is work done when exposed to wet conditions or when completely submerged. It requires knowing how to use a waterproof electrode. When done at significant depth, an underwater welder will need to know about ambient pressure and its impact on welds. The other is dry welding. This can be performed underwater in a dry environment called a hyperbaric chamber. This is a container that is placed under water.

Underwater Welding School

The amount of time required to complete an underwater welding school will be determined by the type of program taken as well as previous education and experience. Some programs can be finished in a number of months, and others may take years to complete. A student must complete a commercial diving program. Recreational dive programs do not provide important training in offshore work environments, work safety as well as commonly used commercial diving equipment. A general welding program must be completed before learning underwater welding. Once a person has completed courses in commercial diving and welding, they can begin taking more specialized courses. A student will have theoretical training in underwater welding procedures, various structures, underwater welding environments, safety principles and more. They will then have training in preparation tasks, proper use of welding equipment, proper equipment storage, welding techniques, safety techniques, quality control and more. Some schools have access to actual underwater welding environments. Others are able to provide replicas of underwater settings. Training can also involve preparation for a variety of certifications.

Working As An Underwater Welder

The American Welding Society (AWS) says it has a difficult time determining the average salary for underwater welders. Most people in this profession are paid for each project they complete. The diving depth required for a project as well as the diving method to be used, and the diving environment are all factors in determining an underwater welder’s salary. The AWS says it is common for underwater welders to make $150,000 or more each year. As in all professions, more experienced workers will earn a higher salary than those starting their careers. The demand for underwater welders can fluctuate, but it is expected to increase in the future. Marine development and infrastructure as well as deep-sea gas and oil development industries, are growing. Many underwater welders find their work exciting. They enjoy using the new equipment and technologies always being developed for their profession. Working underwater can enable a person to experience the fascinating underwater environment. It also permits people to do a lot of traveling. Being able to constantly see new places and new people is perk many underwater welders find enjoyable.








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