Underwater Welding, a promising career


One of the most lucrative career in terms of construction and maintenance is underwater welding. However, one does not simply become a certified underwater welder. There are few factors that must be considered before opting for this particular career path.

The most basic requirement is that you must be physically fit because the demands associated with underwater welding necessitates bodily strength and endurance. Candidates must be at least 18 years of age, High School graduate, possess outstanding swimming ability and consistent determination. Due to the fact that this job is conducted while beneath the water surface, potential candidates must undergo training and certification in the field of commercial diving.

Lots of diving schools offer commercial diving courses that provide extensive training in order to obtain the skills and knowledge necessary to perform various tasks like maintenance and repair of offshore infrastructure. A little background with the usual metal welding will be an advantage prior to taking commercial diving and underwater welding courses.

Most commercial divers choose to expand their skills with underwater welding because the more skills one have, the better job opportunities and pay there is. Continuous learning and education can boost your portfolio and take your career to a whole new level. It’s not just the skills that must be improved but also awareness of the safety standards.

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