Underwater Welding


As an underwater welder, you are required to also be a certified commercial diver. Far from a typical desk job, your office location will vary from offshore pipes and oil rigs to inland dams and bridges. Make sure you are in tip-top shape for this type of career. You will often be asked to perform tasks under challenging circumstances and must be in excellent physical condition.

Most schools will require candidates to have earned a high school diploma or it’s equivalent, along with the completion of formal training from an accredited diving school. Along with these requirements, most training facilities will require a “dive physical” prior to acceptance into the welding program.

Once you receive your commercial diving certificate, participate in a dive physical and become a licensed underwater welder, it is a good idea to work as an apprentice for the experience. This position is also known as a diver-tender and can provide unique hands-on experience in the industry that you wouldn’t otherwise receive.

Start Welding

If you are ready to get started, either fill out the form on this page or find a welding school near you.

To learn more about the industry and becoming an underwater welder, make sure to review our common career questions.








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