Underwater Welders’ Salary: How Much is it?


Many commercial divers are willing to pursue underwater welding as a career, due to the attractive underwater welders salary. As the name describes, the underwater welder works under water and welds structures. Most of the people willing to work in this industry are employed by the oil service companies, which supply diving services for off-shore oil fields around the world. They are sent to different countries for training, which takes about 20 weeks to complete. Training contains underwater welding as a part of the program to help the graduates. In fact, underwater welding is a work field that has attained a lot of attention recently. Individuals relating to similar fields seem to have diverted their attention more towards it for several reasons. Not only does it guarantee adventure, it also ensures good pay (as opposed to what they are already earning.) Since the industry is employing more and more underwater welders, there are a plenty of vacancies in the market. The question to ask here is how much do underwater welders make?

So How Much is Underwater welders Salary?

In general, the amount of pay an underwater welder gets depends upon the amount of experience and the nature of tasks he needs to perform at the job. The underwater welder is put under the category of commercial divers by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The average underwater welder’s salary is $58,640 a year by the end of May 2011, the median salary is $52,550 a year. The highest paid underwater welder’s salary was $94,630 a year (which translates to roughly $46/hour). The category where most employment took place was “other heavy and civil engineering construction”. It paid divers an average of $60,250 a year. Geographically, the highest pay recorded was $84,100 per year in New York, with Washington following just behind with an average of $80,940 per year.

A survey was conducted by BLS where they took an average wage rate of employers and industry organizations, and then they multiplied it with 2080 hours to figure out what the annual pay could be. One might say that this kind of information could be misleading for the underwater welders, as their pay is dependent upon the time spent underwater, the depth they go, and the equipment used during the dive and others. All of these factors can increase a welder’s pay. However, the American Welding Society (AWS) believes that the average underwater welder’s salary can range from $100,000 to $200,000 a year.

In order to take this profession as career, training is extremely vital. A commercial diver willing to become an underwater welder needs to keep in mind that welding requires skill. Before applying, she or he needs to have certification in welding. The course should also include the procedure prescribed by the American Welding Society. If a professional welder is willing to be an underwater welder, she or he needs to first find a school to learn under water diving. To become a certified diver, it takes about two years to complete the course. The inexperienced divers (or welders) work alongside professionals, learning the skills required and needed by the employers. Once they have acquired sufficient knowledge and skill, they are eligible of working in different companies offering employment. It is important for an individual to have skill in both welding and diving, in order to become a professional underwater welder.

Underwater welding is a project-by-project job. Workers willing to travel from place to place are most likely to find work on regular basis. There is a tremendous forecast of 16% employment growth between the years 2010 to 2020 by the BLS. Particularly in coastal areas, the demand for underwater welders is increasing immensely.

The underwater diver’s salary is as good as any highly paid job, and this is perhaps the reason why more and more people that are somehow related to this field (like underwater photographers and commercial divers) are considering about this job seriously. In conclusion, The question “how much do underwater welders make?” does not have a single answer, as the nature of the job decides the amount of money a worker will earn. Besides that, experience is also a major factor involved in determining the amount of income you will get. But one thing is for sure, you can earn much more than many other boring jobs.



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