Underwater Intervention Review… Finally!



    [Bourbon Street, one day after a Super Bowl victory by the New Orleans Saints]

    Let’s just say we were a little scared, slightly nervous, but mostly excited. One might wonder how we were actually able to get some work done down there…

    The Underwater Intervention 2010 had a different feel about it than past UI’s before. There were a few less booths out there than past years, mostly likely a result of companies scaling back after a rough year in the economy. The Integra party was even limited to only the upstairs portion of Tropical Isle, which was a little sad because we barely remember the Integra party last year…that’s just how much fun we had. Despite a slightly smaller show, optimism is strong for the upcoming season as it really can’t get any worse than 2009. Since a lot of companies but back on projects last year, the expectation is that this year they will have to finally attack the ones they procrastinated on. Our guess is that 2010 will be a rebuilding year with noticeably more work than in 2009.

    Let’s get to some of the highlights.

    We heard from a few different people the massive potential in Brazil’s offshore oil fields. Talk is that it may be one of the next hot-spots as two of the largest oil fields finds in the last 30 years began going into production in 2009, the Jupiter Field and the Tupi Field. Economists are predicting Brazil to have the largest percentage increase in GDP (Gross Domestic Product) in 2010 and the oil industry may be a big part of this. The only problem lies in the fact that a lot of their oil fields are deep (2,000+ meters). This means additional work for both divers and ROV’s and brings us to one of the next highlights, the unveiling of a new ROV model by Seabotix.

    The SeaBotix vLBV300 was unveiled to the public on the first day of Underwater Intervention and is undergoing a few tweaks before SeaBotix pushes out first deliveries around July, 2010. This model is the newest in the LBV line of MiniROVs produced by SeaBotix. It is different from the other models because it usees vectored thruster configuration along with dual vertical thrusters, giving this small 20kg ROV excellent performance and flexibility. For more information on this MiniROV please visit the SeaBotix website!

    Another exciting part of UI 2010 was talks about the Mark V Monument that will be presented to the Naval Diving & Salvage Training Center in Panama City, Florida. This will be a ten-foot tall bronze/granite statue to honor all graduates, past, present, and future of all U.S. Navy Diving Schools. In order to erect that ten-foot monument, 300 replica mini-monuments have been made and are for sale to help fund the actual monument. There are currently around 180 mini replicas left for sale at a price of $US 2,000 each. For more information on purchasing and general info on the monument please visit Mark V Monument, Bob Barth or Dave Sullivan can help you out.

    Even though this year so far has been a little slower for the diving industry, the job fair was still in full gear with the folks at Aqueos helping to make it happen. The encouraging thing was that companies at were still actively accepting resumes in anticipation for the upcoming season. For those of you who have been getting discouraged at the lack of job opportunities, take heart in the fact that the companies would not have been looking for resumes as actively as they were if they didn’t expect a ramp-up in work this year.

    We here at cDiver.net are making a big push to get companies involved in our job board and resume bank this year by contacting them directly and letting them know what a fantastic tool we have built to help them find commercial divers. A number of new (and well known) companies are onboard and you should start seeing jobs posted in the coming months. If you aren’t seeing any jobs posted, that means the companies are finding divers via our resume search feature and you need to be sure you have your FREE profile updated with your most recent info. http://cDiver.net/jobs

    A special thanks to the Association of Diving Contractors international for planning a great conference the week between the Saints winning the Super Bowl and the Mardi Gras parades. If you aren’t out diving, at least they provide a great atmosphere for you to enjoy your time with friends in the industry.

    For those of you who can make it, we’ll see you in 2011.


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