UK Shale Gas Industry Requires ‘Sea Change’ in Regulatory Capacity


There must be a “sea change” in the level of regulatory capacity for the UK’s shale gas industry, according to a presentation at the 6th annual Shale Gas Environmental Summit in London, organized by conference producer SMi.

The presenter, who did not want to be named, stated that most of the UK’s drilling regulations relate to offshore operations due to the country’s focus on that sector. Delegates at the event, which included a range of representatives from the oil and gas sector, echoed the speaker’s comments, with one delegate stating:

“If we’re drilling thousands of wells and have hundreds of pads, there has to be a…change in the level of regulatory capacity, because most of our regulation at the moment, understandably, are based in offshore, so we do need to develop an onshore capacity, as and when.”

The audience also touched upon the effect of the shale gas industry on the renewables sector, with some delegates claiming that the two can run hand-in-hand as evidenced by the current shale and renewable energy activity in the United States.








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