UK. Busy autumn lies ahead for IMCA experts


September sees the start of the Autumn conference season, and a busy time lies ahead for experts from the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA), who will be speaking at events in the UK, Singapore, China and The Philippines.   Dynamic positioning (DP) specialists Ian Giddings and Chris Baldwin, both Technical Advisers at the association will be speaking at Kongsberg Maritime’s Simulator User Conferences; Nick Hough, also a Technical Adviser, will be speaking and chairing a session at Oceanology International China 2014; and Technical Director, Jane Bugler, will be delivering a keynote address at China’s Diving, Salvage & Offshore Summit-2014 and Peter Sieniewicz will be presenting on the IMCA International Code of Practice on Diving.   IMCA is the international trade association representing companies and organisations engaged in delivering offshore, marine and underwater solutions. With some 970 member companies in over 60 countries, its core purpose is improving performance in the marine contracting industry by championing better regulation and enhancing operational integrity.  

Highlighting dynamic positioning Technical Adviser, Ian Giddings will be presenting ‘Maritime Simulator Training – Industry Standards, Requirements and Trends’ at Kongsberg Maritime – Simulator User Conference, Europe in usedcastle-upon-Tyne (23-25 September); and Chris Baldwin, also a Technical Adviser, will present a paper under the same title at the Kongsberg Maritime Simulator User Conference, Asia at Cebu in The Philippines (2-4 December).   Ian Giddings sits on the advisory committee for Riviera Maritime Media’s Asian Dynamic Positioning Conference (10 October) and is looking forward to involvement with that event in Singapore.   IMCA at Oceanology International China 2014 IMCA’s Technical Adviser Offshore Survey and Safety, Nick Hough will chair the Offshore Survey, Geophysics and Geotechnics conference session on 3 September and give a technical overview ‘The IMCA Offshore Survey Division Management Committee – A Brief Work Programme Update’ at OI China 2014 (INTEX, Shanghai 3-5 September).   He explains: “My presentation is intended as a technical update and overview of the Offshore Survey Division work programme, particularly with reference to underwater positioning and metrology and how IMCA can be of benefit and use to Chinese contractors.  

“I will focus briefly on some of the salient points within IMCA’s published guidance on these subjects, outline some forthcoming documents to be published in the coming year, and encourage feedback on the focus of the Offshore Survey division.  I am looking forward to some searching and stimulating questions and discussion.”   IMCA at China International Diving, Salvage & Offshore Summit-2014 Jane Bugler, IMCA’s long-serving Technical Director will deliver a keynote address ‘An introduction to IMCA and its Diving Guidelines’ at DSOS-2014. With its theme ‘Technology Innovation for Deep Blue’; and Technical Adviser Peter Sieniewicz will be presenting on the IMCA International Code of Practice on Diving. The event is being held 16-18 October at the Dalian International Conference Centre.   “We have visited China several times and have found great interest in our diving guidance, which is used throughout the industry,” she explains. “The IMCA International Code of Practice for Offshore Diving provides guidance for safe diving operations, and is particularly useful in countries with no national regulations. We have also developed a code of practice on diving equipment examination, testing and certification and accompanying audit templates, which together help clients and contractors implement dive system assurance programmes.  

“Other IMCA diving documents support these codes and include the safety-critical aspects of a variety of diving situations, covering the procedures and equipment required as well as guidance on diving personnel, medicals, competence and training.   “I am very much looking forward to meeting many experts involved in all aspects of diving and offshore work at DSOS-2014.”   Looking back Before the traditional holiday period, IMCA experts were in evidence at conference in London, Singapore and Layfayette.   Ian Giddings chaired the session on Personnel Competence, Certification and Training at the European Dynamic Positioning Conference in London; was co-chair of the 4th DP Asia Conference in Singapore and delivered the opening address on the first day on recent developments in dynamic positioning. Chris Baldwin chaired a session at the same event and participated in a panel discussion on Rules & Regulations. And on the day after the Singapore conference Ian Giddings conducted a session ‘Introduction to Dynamic Positioning’ at a day-long DP workshop.   IMCA’s Chief Executive, Chris Charman gave a background to IMCA presentation at the Gulf Coast Safety Training Group event in Lafayette.   “It is important for our in-house technical experts to get out and meet members and non-members alike at a wide range of event,” he explains. IMCA plays an important role globally, and feedback from around the world at both external events and from our own regional events helps us determine our proactive work programme that constantly aims to improve safety levels and cost effective operations.”

About IMCA IMCA is an international association with some 970 members in over 60 countries representing offshore, marine and underwater engineering companies. IMCA has four technical divisions, covering marine/specialist vessel operations, offshore diving, hydrographic survey and remote systems and ROVs, plus geographic sections for the Asia-Pacific, Central & North America, Europe & Africa, Middle East & India and South America regions. As well as a core focus on safety, the environment, competence and training, IMCA seeks to promote its members’ common interests, to resolve industry-wide issues and to provide an authoritative voice for its members. IMCA Vision & Strategy. As a result of work and collective input in 2013, IMCA has redefined its stated core purpose to be “Improving performance in the marine contracting industry”. To achieve this goal, IMCA’s Vision & Strategy has been devised with two elements in mind: Core activities and ways of working. Targets and objectives against which the association will measure progress in 2014 have been established. 

IMCA publishes some 200 guidance notes and technical reports – many are available for free downloading by members and non-members alike. These have been developed over the years and are extensively distributed. They are a definition of what IMCA stands for, including widely recognised diving and ROV codes of practice, DP documentation, marine good practice guidance, the Common Marine Inspection Document (CMID) – now available electronically as eCMID, safety recommendations, outline training syllabi and the IMCA competence scheme guidance. In addition to the range of printed guidance documents, IMCA also produces safety promotional materials, circulates information notes and distributes safety flashes.  



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