U.A.E: Hydratight Finishes Bespoke Subsea Bolting Project


Hydratight has recently completed a challenging subsea bolting task that required the design and development of bespoke tensioners. The accuracy and efficiency of the project is largely down to the cooperation that took place between the Hydratight teams across international boundaries.
The Hydratight offices in the United Arab Emirates were contacted by the client in the Persian Gulf regarding subsea bolting and flange-pulling equipment. As the customer was unable to provide an accurate quote at the time, the UAE team directly contacted the client’s engineers to ensure that they were able to undertake an accurate and efficient job. As a result of this initiative move from the Hydratight team, a full technical study was carried out and highlighted the exact specifications required.
From this report, the UEA Hydratight team found that the client was in need of the Hydratight Aquajack subsea tensioners. However, these were required in a non-standard size, meaning that UK engineers needed to work quickly to design sheets and collaborate with the flange manufacturers to ensure that the subsea equipment could fit into an area with highly restricted access.
Two months later, the client was in a position to begin using the bespoke bolting tools and subsea tensioners. During this period of time, Hydratight was also asked to manage an additional order for a special calibration kit, which was designed and supplied by the Saudi office. What’s more, the team were tasked with organising a workforce to carry out the project, which ensured that the subsea engineering was undertaken in an efficient and accurate manner.
The entire project was completed with such competency as a result of the intercommunication and cooperation between the different Hydratight teams situated across international boundaries. PCA Mohan, regional managing director at Hydratight, said: “The client was extremely pleased with the speed and success of the project.” He went on to say that: “It was possible because even though Hydratight is a global company, with many regional centres, we act like one big team.”



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