Turkey to Launch Its Own Seismic Vessel


The first Turkish-made seismic survey vessel, MTA TURKUAZ, will be launched this weekend in Istanbul.

The 68 meters long and 23 meters wide MTA TURKUAZ was built at the Istanbul Shipyard in Tuzla for the Mineral Research and Exploration Institute (MTA).

The vessel will start oil exploration in the Black Sea after its inauguration ceremony with the presence of Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu and Energy and Natural Resources Minister, Taner Yıldız.

According to reports, MTA TURKUAZ is fully realized by the design team of Turkish engineers and domestic materials needed in the construction process. Furthermore, the majority of equipment and services were also provided domestically.

The new vessel, worth reportedly $115 million, will, in addition to its use for oil and gas exploration, conduct multipurpose research operations with its geologic, geophysics, hydrographic and oceanographic equipment and remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV).






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