TSC Concludes North Sea Rig Inspection


TSC Inspection Services have now successfully completed the 5th inspection campaign of a rig in the Norwegian sector operated by oil and gas company Talisman.

The work included the Alternating Current Field Measurement (ACFM) inspection of a number of shear plates, braces and the caisson of the rig in up to 90 meters of water.

Contracted by Subsea 7, the scope of the project included some previously uninspected area, but, according to TSC, it was still completed within the planned timeframe.

During the inspection, TSC used a combination of TSC’s ACFM technique, which detects surface breaking cracks in metallic structures and components through protective coatings, and scanned array probes, which tolerate a certain amount of lift-off.

The data was collected remotely using a combination of ROVs, mini-ROVs and the ACFM MagCrawler. Throughout the campaign TSC’s inspection engineers provided a wide range of technical solutions to push the project forward as well as providing instant data interpretation, supported by ACFM Level 3 inspectors TSC’s head office in Milton Keynes.

Dave Parramore, TSC’s Engineering and Subsea Operations director, commented: “This was a very successful campaign where high quality, auditable results were obtained. A great team effort from the TSC Operators produced excellent inspection data capture, whilst yielding significant time and cost savings for the project overall.”


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