Total seeking contractors for Indonesia work


Total has released four tender packages for the development of three discoveries in the South Mahakam Block off Indonesia.

The first two tender packages cover the fabrication of topsides and jackets, respectively, for three tripods. Two other separate packages were issued the transportation and installation of the three tripods and the installation of the offshore pipelines.

The three tripods are expected to be installed in the East Stupa, West Stupa and East Manda oil fields. The tripods will be connected via 14 kilometres of 24-inch and 12-inch interplatform pipelines. Outputs will exported from the three fields via a 24-inch, 80-kilometre pipeline.

As earlier reported, international contractors including Global Industries, Saipem, Nisconi and Hyundai Heavy Industries are likely to contend for the pipeline installation package. Indonesian contractors will be eyeing the packages pertaining to the three tripods.

The fabrication and installation work is expected to take place from next year leading up to production start-up in 2011 or 2012. The South Mahakam development is projected to produce 14,700 barrels per day of liquids and 114 million cubic feet per day of gas.


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