Total Prepares to Remove Rig from Tunu Gas Field in Mahakam Block


Inpex Corporation reported that field operator Total E&P Indonesie provided the following update on the shallow gas release at a development well on the Tunu field which occurred Nov. 8 in the offshore Mahakam Block in East Kalimantan, Indonesia.

  • Immediately after the event occurred, an emergency response team from Total’s headquarters was mobilized on site with the assistance of well control experts. The team boarded the Raissa rig and performed a complete assessment of the situation, preparing a comprehensive action plan to restore the site’s safety and remove the drilling rig from its current location
  • As a precautionary measure to avoid any escalation, the 5 wells connected to producing reservoirs and located in the immediate vicinity of the incident location were plugged-in successfully
  • The efforts are now focusing on the drilling rig removal from the site. The fuel stored inside the barge has already been successfully removed, and sediments which accumulated on the rig floor and mezzanine deck with the flowed gas at the timing of gas release have been cleaned up. Next operations will be to cut the drill pipe and deballast the rig
  • Total remains in close contact with the relevant authorities, in particular the Directorate General of Oil & Gas and with SKKMigas, who are being kept informed as the situation evolves. Nearby villagers are also being kept informed by the community liaison officers from Total
  • To confirm earlier reports, no injuries were sustained and all 109 workers were safely evacuated. The incident has not caused any oil spill
  • The incident has not disrupted the gas production of offshore Mahakam Block



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