Top 5 Underwater Harlem Shake Videos


We all know that the Harlem Shake has been the latest big phenomenon to hit the internet. So cDiver decided to create a list of the top 5 Underwater harlem shake videos for all you divers out there to enjoy 🙂

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5. The Georgia Tech Swim and Dive Team –

Technically they aren’t actually underwater (which is why they are number 5). But still a pretty entertaining bit of video. PAY ATTENTION TO the person in the green suit on the right side of the screen…

4. Sydney Aquarium Scuba Diving –

I’m not sure what’s going on inside the bubble on the bottom left of the video…I’m also not sure I want to know.

3.  The Bergen University Diving School –

Commercial Divers going buck wild underwater, does it get much better?

2. NYD School in Norway –

Even more divers dancing their hearts out underwater. Great Video.

1. University of Georgia Swim & Dive Team –

No they are commercial divers, but this is one of the most watched Harlem Shake Videos on YouTube. Please look at the guy in the sleeping bag. He is hilarious.


Hope you enjoyed these videos!


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