Top 5 Advantages of getting Offshore Oil Rig Job


1. Good pay and benefits

[dropcap][/dropcap]Although this career can be very tough, it is very rewarding. An entry level can earn US $50,000 – US $80,000 per annum and this only involves working 6 months out of the year. Other technical and professional positions can make US $70,000 – US $220,000 per annum. Most companies provides major medical insurance, life insurance, dental insurance, profit sharing and 401 K programs.

2. Very comfortable accommodation 

[dropcap][/dropcap]Although workers stays in the middle of the ocean, most accommodation meets 4 or 5 star hotel standards. The meals and other living expenses are covered while on board.

3. Challenging work

[dropcap][/dropcap]For someone who likes adventure and love challenges in career, offshore/oil rig job may suit your preference. The job demands workers to perform what most average people won’t do.  This career is physical in nature and requires  you be mostly away from home, long and hard hours of work (14/21 day rotation – 14 days and have 21 off), working in all types of weather condition or in some dangerous situations.

4. Career advancement is achievable

[dropcap][/dropcap]There are many career opportunities you can explore as worker which depends on the company you work for and specific skills. Most companies also offer training programs to enhance skills. Entry level worker can have a lucrative career while developing skills and experience on rigs.

To start a career in this industry does not always require a formal education. While some may require high school diploma, this makes it an excellent choice for school leavers or for those who finds difficulty getting jobs after school. Opportunity to get paid high and promotions is achievable in oil rigs industry.

5. Opportunity to travel

[dropcap][/dropcap]Drilling employments have travel opportunity to countries like Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, the United States, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Venezuela, Mexico, Russia, Norway, China, Canada and the United Kingdom. Offshore jobs get greater risks which leads to a higher pay.



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