Thrust Maritime Supports SapuraAcergy’s Diving Ops Off Myanmar


Australian Thrust Maritime will provide Malaysian SapuraAcergy and their diving associated entity SapuraKencana Allied Marine with a remote hyperbaric recovery and reception capability for its latest gas project offshore Myanmar.

SapuraAcergy will use Thrust Maritime’s technology to ensure the safe recovery of saturation divers in the event of a diving catastrophe on the Badamyar Low Compression Platform project, owned by French Total.

The project involves installing Thrust Maritime’s certified man-riding A-Frame (called THOR) and a Hyperbaric Reception Facility (HRF) with associated mating and life support equipment on the Hyperbaric Rescue Vessel (HRV), allowing immediate evacuation and treatment of the dive team, the company explained.

The equipment installation will take place in Malaysia in March 2016 with diving operations planned to start in the Northern sector of the Andaman Sea in the second quarter of 2016.

At the completion of installation, a drill will be conducted to ensure operational readiness, Thrust Maritime noted.

Thrust Maritime Managing Director, Ben Healy said:

“As this operation is in a remote area, the traditional approach of leaving the HRF at port would mean the time spent on the HRV would significantly increase risk to the divers – having the HRF on board allows immediate access for medical support and commencement of decompression within two hours of an incident.”

“Thrust Maritime is incredibly proud to have won the contract for this project – a project that will redefine the term ALARP (As Low As Reasonably Practical) with respect to Hyperbaric Evacuation.”



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