Thinking of a career change?


The Assistant Life Support Technician Course at LDC Training enables participants to enter the lucrative commercial diving industry, irrespective of his or her background and qualifications. 

LDC Training is now running an IMCA approved ALST course at its base in one of the busiest hyperbaric units in the UK, London Diving Chamber. This is an International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) approved certification that is recognised internationally by the commercial diving industry.

Anyone can attend the course, irrespective of his or her background and qualifications. Becoming an ALST can expose you to a new career path within the commercial diving industry, which can see employees in this line of work earning from 50k plus per annum. A basic understanding of mathematics is also helpful for participants on the course.

An ALST is part of a team responsible for maintaining life support for divers living within  hyperbaric  saturation  environments  during  offshore  diving  operations worldwide  on  fixed  platforms  and  Dive  Support  Vessels. 

Course instructor  Ian Hughes from LDC Training explains who should attend the course: “The  course  is  designed  for  new  entrants  to  the  IMCA  Life  Support Technician  scheme  and  training  to  become  and  LST  begins  with  the  IMCA ALST qualification. This course is open to anyone, not just those with  a  background  in  saturation  diving  or  medicine,  and  can  offer participants  a  new  career  path  within  the  commercial  diving  industry, and one that could prove to be very rewarding and lucrative.”

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