The Secrets of Underwater Welding Technology


Underwater Welding Technology – ( TeK-THinK)

The construction business is a competitive field of modern industry. Every design must be carried out perfectly and fast at the same time, to ensure that the company behind it appears reliable and highly professional. There are some parts of a construction procedure that require a particular set of skills not only because of the dangers involved in them, but also because of the highly unusual working conditions that they include.

One of these parts is underwater welding. 

Underwater welding, also known as hyperbaric welding because of the higher than normal pressure that exists under water, is a very delicate procedure performed by experts during which metals, or in rare occasions some other materials, are joined together by fusion. The temperature reached is very high, and when it reaches the desired level, the two materials are pressed together forming a new piece. When executed properly, this process produces a piece with zero signs of it containing two separate materials. This is a required quality of the final product, since failing to make the two materials identical to one another after the welding might cause weak bonding.

It is a technique commonly used during repairs of ships, submarines and many other sea vessel categories. It is apparent that the fitting of the materials must be perfect because an error could put human lives in danger. So the training must extremely detailed and thorough.

Both the diving and welding equipments must be insulated to completely eliminate the possibility of an electric shock, especially during the welding phase. The helmet must also be of top quality and sensitive to lighting changes since sparks from the fusion might limit the worker’s visibility for a crucial number of seconds. Another risk of this profession is decompression sickness, a condition that is, unfortunately, well known even to people that have no relation to the sea whatsoever. It has a high probability of taking place when divers do not follow the decompression rules to the letter. What happens is that the nitrogen present in the breathing gas tends to form bubbles and be dilated in high pressure environments such as the bottom of the sea. These bubbles, then, enter the blood stream through the lungs and, most of the times, they clog an artery causing symptoms up to paralysis. The most alarming issue is that, in some cases, the situation is irreversible. This is why divers all over the world, from professional to people diving for fun in their free time, must be extremely careful when it comes to diving rules and precautions.

Commercial diving is a professional field offering a vast number of job opportunities because it is not very popular, but also because it contains a great number of dangers, as we mentioned earlier. But as long as the training is perfect and the person who chose to become an underwater welder is professional and takes all the necessary precautions, it is certain that it will be a very interesting, fun and educative experience that will earn you money at the same time.




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