The mental and physical demands of offshore work


Diving is just a means to have access to actual underwater work, such as welding and equipment repair. The deep-sea environment can be very terrifying; especially in areas of innumerable hazards, particularly in offshore oil fields. Therefore, it is crucial for divers to be mentally and physically prepared for the job.

Commercial diving encompasses any job that is done underwater. Professionals engaged in commercial diving include archaeologists, scientists, subsea geologists, industrial workers, and cameramen. These occupations, while lucrative, are subject to great personal risks and catastrophes if not closely monitored.

Most underwater works are manual in nature. Hence, excellent manual skills, strong physical build, and good adaptive mechanism to high-pressure environments are required of divers. They must also be excellent communicators and team players who do not easily panic when something goes wrong.

Much like other high-risk jobs, such as mining and construction, diving is reserved for those who can withstand high psychological pressures. But unlike above-water jobs, commercial diving has the challenge of dealing practitioners unusual risks and hazards. Dive schools train professionals to possess competencies related to stronger mental and physical power. A robust and constantly evolving safety regime makes it easier for today’s divers to adjust and feel much safer in their pursuits.







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