The Art of Finding Work as a Commercial Diver


In the last few days I’ve received some great news from CDI alumni that they had gotten their first contracts in Commercial Diving!  This is always great news.  In addition to the great news I also received some emails from alumni who were having a difficult time or felt frustrated in their lack of ability to find work.  The emails about not being able to find work is what has prompted this post and if you keep your eye on the CDI Blog there will be several more posts as we tackle the ‘Art of Finding Work as a Commercial Diver’!

The basic tactics that will be laid out are not just for Commercial Divers, these tactics are and have been employed by professionals who are managing their employment opportunities.  Lets consider as a baseline for this post that you are a new diver and your on the hunt for the first job!

Step 1:  Finding a job is a job.  Hunting for a job may not pay well and it may even cost you money.  The key first step is that you must commit a full 8hr shift because looking for work is a job!  If your not committing this time to your search you should then be taking additional technical courses that you have identified as positive steps towards generating an attractive resume.  Most commercial diving companies are becoming way more tech savvy today….are you up on the systems that will benefit the employer?

Step 2:  Organization.  You must be highly organized in your search as you generate network schematics with all the contact details.  Ask yourself what steps you’ve taken to identify the key people in the various companies and what efforts have been made to build relationships.   Every conversation, date, time and whom you network with must be recorded so that you can re-visit these notes to position yourself for the next call or email.

Step 3:  Research.  Do your research and find out what the companies are known for.  You have to be able to speak intelligently to the HR department and dive operations manager.

Step 4:  You need INTEL.  Source all key and well know commercial diving sites and then develop your social media sites.  Do you have ‘Linkin & a Facebook Site’ that can help you find out what other commercial divers are doing and where they are working.  It is amazing what information you can find out through general postings.  There was a diver recently in Kelowna who landed a contract with Subsea 7 through social media.  Stay in contact with your classmates as they are part of their own network that can help you out.

Step 5:  Follow through with your communication and be prepared that if an employer gives you an opportunity that your in a position that you can accept it.  In other words have you bags packed and be ready to go!

Working as a Diver is one incredible experience and it is worth the journey to get there!

Stay tuned for upcoming posts on the ‘Art of Finding Work’!





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