Texas Oil Patches Brace For More Rains, Possible Floods


Texas oilfields could see strong rains and thunderstorms later this week, though they were spared the heaviest flooding that struck central and eastern Texas over the Memorial Day weekend, the National Weather Service said on Tuesday.

There were reports of flooded roads in parts of the Permian Basin of west Texas and swollen creeks in the Eagle Ford shale area of south Texas, the two largest onshore oil producing regions in the United States.

But there were no reports of extensive damage or prolonged road closures in the oilfields, regional meteorologists said.

The rest of Texas, including areas around Austin, Dallas, and Houston, saw significant damage and some deaths.

The National Weather Service said the likelihood of rain and storms would rise through the remainder of this week.

“Chances of thunderstorms will increase Wednesday and Thursday,” said Alec Lyster, senior meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Midland. “Storms either of those days is definitely a possiblity.”

Meteorologists said that latest bout of rain could mark an end to a prolonged drought that has affected Texas.







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