Technip, Subsea 7 Cleared for 2016 Work for Norway Operators


The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) has given Statoil, Gassco and ExxonMobil consent for manned underwater operations in 2016. The services are to be supplied by Technip and Subsea 7.

Statoil has signed framework agreements with the companies Technip Norge and Subsea 7 Norway for the provision of such services to the three companies.

The consent applies to manned underwater operations down to 180 metres and covers both planned and undefined operational and project tasks, as well as emergency repairs.

The PSA is to be informed in advance when the individual planned tasks are to start. Before potential operational and project tasks or activities linked to emergency repairs begin, the companies must provide the PSA with supplementary information about the specific activities.

Technip will be using DSV Skandi Arctic and DSV Wellservicer, and the light diving craft LDC Technip Seahunter. Subsea 7 will be using DSV Seven Falcon, DSV Seven Atlantic, DSV Seven Pelican and LDC Seven Spray.

Statoil has applied for consent for its own activities and on behalf of Gassco. In addition, ExxonMobil has submitted its own application as a supplement to Statoil’s.

For Statoil and Gassco the consent applies from 1.12.2015 to 30.11.2016, while ExxonMobil’s applies from 1.1.2016 to 31.12.2016, in accordance with the companies’ applications.


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